E-catlooper Screensaver v1.0

The E-catlooper is a free screensaver for those deploying the E-cat as an in-store interactive display or as a tradeshow product showcase. It will cycle through the HTML product pages at 15-second intervals, essentially creating a slideshow when the E-cat is idle.

To use, just place the application in the same folder as the E-catbuilder/E-cat, and install as a screensaver (right-click on file to install).
To use the screensaver for purposes other than the E-cat, the screensaver requires the following directory structure:

>catfiles folder
>>htmlfiles folder
The screensaver creates a list of the files in the HTML files folder and cycles through each file regardless of how many there are. It will also load other file types such as jpegs, gifs, and SWFs.