Flash Livehelp v1.5

This application is for webmasters, small businesses, auctioneers and professionals looking to increase sales through improved customer service. Chat in real time and convert surfers into paying customers. The one thing missing in most websites is the human element, which can greatly enhance the end user experience, and make a huge difference in your bottom line.

“e-tailers that fail to utilize Web-enabled live customer service operations could lose $3.2 billion (US$) in sales in 2003 holiday season.”
Datamonitor Study Report.

Feel free to send a test message or submit any questions you may have about this software.

Benefits of using Flash Livehelp instant messaging software:

Catch those impulsive web surfers at the very moment their interest in your product or service is most acute. Translate that interest into dollars and cents.


Easily assist multiple customers simultaneously, save money on phone calls and email processing.


Give your customers and clients the service they deserve from a real person. Distinguish your service level from your competition.

No monthly fees or subscription costs.

Our system utilizes the hugely popular Flash plug-in used by 98% of all internet users.

Easy to distribute widely.
When you purchase Flash live help, you will receive:
1. the administrator – with which you can respond to incoming messages from your desktop.
2. the web client – which you can post on your website and/or web auctions.
3. desktop client – which you can distribute to customers, clients, family and friends via CD, download or email.
(Comes with an installer and autorun.inf file which will open the installer automatically from a CD.) Custom skins are now available for the desktop client. If you’d like a custom skin please browse skins and enter selected skin name on the purchase form.
4. PHP scripts- which you place on your web server.

The live help system requires one MySQL database and PHP running on your web server. If you don’t have a website yet, we recommend using ivaluehost.net for web hosting. Their plans start at only $3.95 a month and include a MySQL database. We use them and their service is outstanding.

Easy setup:
Flash live help is easy to set up and can be up and running in minutes. Once you’re set up is complete, you or someone in your organization will act as the administrator and respond to incoming inquiries. After you log in, you can just minimize the application, and go about your normal work. If a message comes in you will be alerted with a sound. Respond to the message, minimize, and go back to work. It’s that easy!

The client applications are highly customizable.
If you are a business you might want us to put your company name or logo into the application.
If you are a salesperson or real estate agent, for example, you might want us to put your name, picture, and contact information in.

Customized client apps make for very nifty and useful CDRoms and CD business cards in addition to using it on websites and auctions.
If you would like us to place custom intro graphics and/or text into the Livehelp clients, contact us BEFORE placing your order for a quote.
Turnaround is fast and fees are affordable. See CDrom2go.com link below for CD media and duplication services.


Please download the administrator below and read ‘quick start guide’ for full feature list.


The administrator works on most Windows operating systems. (Some older NT systems may not be able to use it).
The web client works in all popular browsers (requires Flash Player 6) and operating systems.
The desktop client works on all Windows operating systems. (Flash Player 6 built in)

“90 percent of online shoppers want some sort of human interaction in the process.”
Jupiter Communications Report.

Flash live help is now being offered at the low introductory price of $39.00. No monthly fees or subscription costs.

To order, download and install the administrator below:
Use the built-in order form to place your order.