Offspring Rapid Morphing tool Give yourself a virtual extreme makeover. Looking for a new hairstyle? Pondering that nose job? You’ve seen them on Conan. Now you can create your own Offspring using this fun facial compositing software.

This program enables you to:

  1. Rapidly sample different facial features while giving yourself a few laughs in the process.
  2. Morph your favorite stars together to see their offspring.
  3. Build wacky facial collages.
  4. Capture images right off the web with built-in screen capture tool.
  5. Mix and match outfits. ‘Try on’ before you buy.
  6. Print out images for baby showers and Valentines’s Day showing potential offspring. If you really want to freak out your boyfriend, show him what your kids will look like.
  7. Using the included free video screen capture tool, Camstudio you can record videos of your creations. For example, use your webcam for base image, and a picture of Bush as the mask image. Place mask shape over Bush’s mouth, shout some obscenities, record your video and post on YouTube, Myspace, Facebook and others. Install Camstudio located in folder appdata>Videorecorder.

Some of the nice automated features of this program are:

  1. When you load an image into the program the path (local or web) will automatically be saved, so you only have to load them once. This enables you to build a library of bookmarked images for rapid sampling.
  2. Images will be automatically scaled when loaded in, so you don’t have to worry about picture sizes.
  3. The images you save will save as both a bitmap and a jpeg (smaller file size for quicker web sharing).
  4. Drag & drop enabled.