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This application is for webmasters, small businesses, auctioneers and professionals looking to increase sales through improved customer service. Chat in real time and convert surfers into paying customers. The one thing missing in most websites is the human element, which can greatly enhance the end user experience, and make a huge difference in your bottom line.

Benefits of using Flash Livehelp instant messaging software:

Catch those impulsive web surfers at the very moment their interest in your product or service is most acute. Translate that interest into dollars and cents.


Easily assist multiple customers simultaneously, save money on phone calls and email processing.


Give your customers and clients the service they deserve from a real person. Distinguish your service level from your competition.

No monthly fees or subscription costs.

Our system utilizes the hugely popular Flash plug-in used by 98% of all internet users.

Easy to distribute widely.

When you purchase Flash live help, you will receive:
the administrator – with which you can respond to incoming messages from your desktop.
the web client – which you can post on your website and/or web auctions.
desktop client – which you can distribute to customers, clients, family and friends via CD, download or email.
(Comes with an installer and autorun.inf file which will open the installer automatically from a CD.)
php scripts- which you place on your web server.
The live help system requires one MySQL database and PHP running on your web server. If you don’t have a website yet, we recommend using for web hosting. Their plans start at only $3.95 a month and include a MySQL database. We use them and their service is outstanding.

Fresh Flash Catalog

About Fresh Catalog

Fresh Catalog is a sophisticated multimedia presentation and publishing that is digital with a few innovative features such as ActionScript support, practical 3D page flip impact, complete Flash support and Flash content optimization, flip-rotate ability and alpha transparency for many text, image and native objects, embedded multimedia (streaming online video, Mp3 and Flash), WYSIWYG editor, full help for HTML links and many more. The program supports significantly more than 40 various kinds image files, and it also works on all flash systems that are supporting is running.

With Fresh Catalog, it is possible to develop an item that is impressive is electronic, eBooks, picture albums, eCards, invitations along with other revolutionary collateral in a much reduced time than others. Fresh Catalog provides easy-to-use tools with drag’n autumn function through a WYSIWYG that is a user that is real build up expert eCatalogs that are searching. It addresses the novices having its usage that is the simple reason that is enough its high level, time-saving optimization features. Fresh Catalog promises significantly more than an eBook that is conventional or catalog builder alongside its complete Flash and helps that is ActionScript other unmatched features.

Download Fresh Catalog

Flash Website Builders

Want to build a website without needing to write any code?

Seeking an online site builder? You will find a large number to choose from, so that will be the very best? Well, to begin with, you will end up searching for a website builder that could create your internet site into the version that is latest of HTML, HTML5. And secondly, you’ll want a guitar that simplifies the entire process of website design and enables you to create a site that is fantastic having to understand a lot of development or coding knowledge.

If you are wondering you can stop now, we’ve found some guides with truly the best website builders, some of them of course using flash, so you can create your perfect flash catalog in less than an hour.

Free Flash Catalog Maker

A catalog that is winning solution must first be casual, that will satisfy your prospects, whether or not they are company or customers. Flip PDF is an all-in-one solution for you yourself to create online fantastic and engaging item catalog to take your online business to a height that is brand new. An on-line e-commerce catalog can be mass rolled away regarding the internet to ensure more clients will reach your item catalogs. Online catalog that is digital are embedded into your very own business website effortlessly.