About Us

We design catalogs that are easy for you to maintain and easy for your customers to navigate. Our catalog template, the Streamcat, allows your customers to make quick comparisons, get product information and optionally jump to a buy page or picture enlargement page.

The ‘Flash/HTML hybrid’ versions launch your product pages in another frame when a user clicks on an image and require no Flash knowledge to maintain.

The ‘All Flash’ versions load SWFs when a user clicks on an image so a basic understanding of Flash is required to maintain it. Features include: Speed browsing in an integrated user environment. Auto-resizing and centering of thumbnails. Flat-file database for easy notepad maintenance and CD-ROM distribution. Dynamic menu system with adaptive scroller. Scalability: will adapt whether you have 50 products or 1500 products.

Custom intro panels available. Low file size for fast downloads. Digital Catalogs are fast becoming the preferred medium to distribute product literature to customers, clients, distributors and prospects. Compact, interactive and economical, digital catalogs do more, sell more and produce a better ROI than print catalogs. Digital Catalogs designed for your website or CD are an interactive, engaging way to distribute product information, technical data and support information to customers, distributors and prospects. Here’s why are digital catalogs better… They’re intuitive¬ó users easily navigate right to the information they want.

They’re intuitive users easily navigate right to the information they want.

They’re interactive allowing users to search by product in a fast and efficient manner. They’re economical easier and less expensive to update than print. They’re productive allowing users to search and buy right online!

Our digital templates are ideally suited for retailers looking for an affordable web solution that they can manage themselves. Because it costs 10 times more to acquire new customers than service existing customers, our flash catalog will become a crucial component to your customer retention program. Every time you make a major update to the catalog, be sure to email your customers, so they will always be in tune with your latest product offering. We can do everything from slightly adjusting your web catalog to full customizations in order to suit your needs.